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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in India

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TheTaxTellers 90B, Udyog Vihar, Sector 18, Gurugra
Gurgaon 110004 

About Taxtellers

TheTaxtellers Is an Indian Firm,located in Gurgaon.We have well experienced professional,who have yaers of experience in the industry.

We’ve provided services in the areas of GST Compliances,Tax audit,Real time advisory, Account Payable/Account Receivable,Income Tax Return, Tax preperation Services.

Our main goal is to deliver financial services to our clients. Every Clients & Customers are very valuable for us. We believe in fulfilling every request of our clients.

1- We have experienced professionals enlarged fields.
2- We adhere to professional morals of our clients information.
3-We specialized in bookkeeping and accounting services.
4-We provides equivalents quality services to our clients, whether our client has a small business or large business.

About Bookkeeping Services-
Bookkeeping services are very important for all business to accurate the financial information. It’s required by Investors, Regulators and Management. In this requirements, to maintain suitable book of accounts to ensure that all relevant taxes are paid and tax filings are made on time.

Bookkeeping is a process of maintaining financial transactions of any business. TheTaxTellers can provide bookkeeping services to your business through Chartered Accountants across tha India.

Advantages of Bookkeeping-
 Provides Higher Profits
 It reduced Tax Liabilities
 Maintain records any Tax
 It’s a piece of mind

Steps of Bookkeeping Services
You have to send us the scanned copy of your accounting books,then our expert will get back to you.
Our experts will analyse your accounting books and then will make entries into books according to the same.
Our experts will send you to tally entry for the verification and approval.

Once it’ll be approved from your side, our experts will prepare the balance sheet and PNC Statement.
After preparing the Balance Sheet and PNC, the books of accounts are finalized and completed, then it;ll send to you.

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