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Aavas, a Glowing Example of Holistic Growth

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Aavas Financiers Ltd
201-202, 2nd Floor, Southend Square, Mansarover
Rajasthan 302020 

Aavas Financiers Limited provides financial support in the form of loans to people mostly living in the tier-3, tier-4 and tier-5 areas of the country. Their mission is to fulfill people’s dreams of owning a home through accessible and convenient methods. One of these ways is by providing loan against property in rural areas.

Aavas Financiers Limited was set up as Au Housing Finance in 2012, with the mission and dream of fulfilling the dreams of millions to own a home. The process of getting a home loan was made simple with a unique application process, assessing informal cash flow and asset quality. This made buying homes easier for its customers in the unserved and underserved market.

The company understands and recognizes the fact that their customers are not only based in cities and towns but also in the small corners of the country, which is why they have introduced and implemented technologies that helps them reach customers directly at their doorsteps.

The Aavas mobile app gives their regional officers the freedom to submit the loan application form of the customers without physically visiting the office again and again. Even the technical team which conducts property inspection can make use of the app for approvals. Aavas had digitalized every field operation and for this, sales app, collections app, credit evaluation app and other mobile apps have been brought into usage.

The journey of Aavas began from Rajasthan and in just a few years has established its esteemed presence across 10 states of India. The employees went to tier-3, tier-4 and tier-5 areas themselves, met the people and understood their needs. They understood the dream of the people to own their own home and that by helping them fulfill this dream, it will increase their status in society and uplift their spirits.

Aavas understands that not all of their customers have fixed incomes, all required documents for a loan or seeking the kind of loan that a typical bank would provide and so they also provide the service of giving loan against property in rural areas. It is this understanding of the people that they are working for, which sets them apart and make them a truly wonderful finance company. The company keeps their customers’ interests first, and have also digitized many of their processes to shorten the time it takes for giving people the loans that they have been waiting eagerly for.

Aavas is a unique home loan finance company, reaching out to the people who are not touched by the main markets. They give loans not just for constructing homes, but also for renovating homes and establishing shops and businesses. They reach the people who do not have a fixed income salary or income proof and enable them to apply for loans that will not be a stress for them. They have loans for each and every need, so that everyone can avail these loans and fulfill their dreams.

The company is truly doing a wonderful job at following their mission and keeping focused with such motivated energy at their goal. As the company keeps growing and expanding throughout the country, it is just a matter of time before others also start playing their part in the growth story of the country by uplifting the spirits and status of every individual in the country.

Aavas is truly an important part of the country’s prosperity. For more details please log on to

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