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A Diabetes Mellitus Patient Shifted by Air Ambulance from Patna to Guwahati

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Saturday, 14th September 2019. Hey there, Greetings all.

Whenever it comes to transport a patient to a distant location, the Vedanta Air Ambulance in Patna is ready 24/7 hours to provide medical services in an emergency. Diabetes Mellitus the most common type of diabetes and caused by the shortage of pancreatic hormone insulin. People who not exercising regularly and take an unhealthy diet often get caught by this critical disease.

We would like to tell you that the patient having excess body weight with high blood pressure and it was very difficult to control by our medical team but at last Vedanta’s global experienced medical team overcomes the patient’s health problem in flight. A trained nurse specially appointed to take care of 24 hours of a patient and the advanced medical equipment.

The first patient moved by the road ambulance from hospital to airport and then nicely shifted to charter aircraft of Vedanta air ambulance medically equipped and staffed with MD doctor, nurse, and equipment. In-flight, the patients’ health condition was constantly fluctuating and so the specialist MD doctor and paramedic team treated the patient.

Vedanta Air Ambulance services in Patna is well prepared to deal with the Emergency Situation and hence nicely shift a patient to the best hospital. Air ambulance in remote areas plays important role to reach the patient hospital in time. Due to the lack of super specialty hospital

Booking Vedanta Air Ambulance from Guwahati patient can be shifted almost all over the place and even in a foreign country. Therefore, charter aircraft and train ambulance play a crucial role in emergency healthcare.

The benefits of shifting a patient with the use of Vedanta Air Ambulance are:

It provides trained medical staff and doctor

Bed to bed patient transfer

Equipped with emergency medical machines

Medical Services in India and worldwide at an affordable cost.

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