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4 Hacks from Top Marketing Managers to Help You Promote Your First Flash Sale

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Steven Conway

A flash sale is a great marketing strategy for converting viewers into customers over a short period of time. It is also a great way to unload excess goods and refresh your product lineup without sacrificing profit or losing credibility.

Since a flash sale is run over a very limited period of time, it is also a great way to build excitement around a particular moment. Running the flash sale alone, however, is not enough. You also have to build a strong marketing campaign around it.

We spoke to the best marketing managers in the business about how to best promote your first flash sale. Here are the 4 hacks you can use out of the box.

Start at the Right Time
Promoting a flash sale requires some finesse. You want to start early to have enough time for building traction, but not too early that the campaign loses steam before the actual flash sale. Ideally, you want to begin marketing the flash sale no sooner than two weeks before the actual day.

Focus on building excitement around the flash sale. Talk about the number of discounts that will be given or the incredible special prices that users will find during the actual flash sale. Promote the timeframe for the sale too.

Be Hyper-focused
A flash sale should be very specific. It should target a very clear audience looking for the exact product you are selling. The promotional campaign around the flash sale needs to take the same approach.

Rather than using your usual marketing strategy or tapping into a wide audience, think about the products you will be selling and try to be hyper-focused. Go for a specific audience segment with the highest possible conversion rate.

Engage Early
Don’t just stop at promoting the flash sale either; let users sign up for notifications or provide an opt-in form. This is the perfect time to build a list of interested users. You can then use the list for remarketing purposes.

Engaging users early is also something you can do with the help of social media activities. Ask questions, get users involved in the actual process of preparing for the flash sale, and you will have the excitement level higher than ever by the time you reach the day of the sale.

Choose Your Channels
Speaking of social media, you should take the time to leverage the right channels when promoting a flash sale. Recent studies have shown that Facebook remains the most effective when it comes to promoting a flash sale.

Ask yourself a number of questions before crafting a promotional strategy. Where can you find the most potential customers? When are they active on those platforms? What kind of content do they consume the most?

The more you prepare, the more successful your promotional campaign will be. Combined with the other hacks from the top marketing managers we covered in this article, your first flash sale should be an absolute success!

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