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3 Reasons Why Your Business Need a Virtual Receptionist

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Planning to hire a receptionist for your business, but running out of budget?

If your answer is “Yes”, then IVR is the things you are looking for. But what does IVR exactly means? IVR is technology that allows phone system to interact with humans through the use of DTMF tones via keypad input.

Thinking Why Your Business needs Virtual Receptionist ?

We all enjoy that melodious voice telling as to “Press 1 to connect with Customer Care Executive”. Don’t we?

Yes, we all do.

IVR can streamline all your incoming calls and makes your business life simpler. Let’s discuss few points how IVR can advantage your business.

1) Creates a Better image- IVR can build your company image in no time. With the automated system, you give an impression of holding an MNC to your customers. It helps you to create a bigger and more professional image. IVR comes with a bunch of amazing features which ensures definite favorable outcomes.

2) Time Savvy – IVR proves to be one of the most time savvy marketing tool form customers point of view. I think saving consumer’s time is one of the biggest gifts any business can give to the customers. Customers don’t need to listen to the whole menu/ speech. All they need to do is just press the desired key and the call will be directed to the designated department/ agent.

3) Improves efficiency – It goes without saying that IVR improves the efficiency. As with IVR employees get time to focus on other activities and also helps to handle the customer on other channels. Moreover, agents require less training as the system are automated.

4) Better customer experience – I don’t need to mention that IVR leads to better customer experience as with IVR customers feels they are being better attended. The automation generates the quick response if a customer calls for some specific question. Moreover, calls are being answered in the first ring which ultimately reduces the customer wait time.

5) Personalization – This is one of the biggest benefits of IVR. You can personalize your virtual call center according to your own wish and business requirements. You get the flexibility to personalize the greetings or welcome tone according to caller ID information. Apart from this, you can select any language of your choice.

Pages on Pages can be written on the benefits of IVR. But I have compiled few benefits which you can consider for sure. So get the IVR now for your business.

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