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20% Discount For COVID Warriors From Dr. Titoria’s Clinics

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You may experience a variety of hair difficulties as a result of your COVID predicament. When a human is exposed to a substantial shock, such as infection or a highly stressful event, such as COVID, hair cells might fall dormant. They are practically dead, and it may take months for you to recover. So patients may be still experiencing it after COVID because their bodies are still reeling from what occurred to them.

There is still no proof that the new coronavirus causes hair loss directly. Instead, experts believe that the physical and emotional stress that comes with a case of COVID-19 might cause telogen effluvium, a reversible hair loss condition.
A stressful experience, such as mental hardship, major surgery, or a high fever, is known to trigger the illness a few months later. It causes more of a person’s hair to enter the telogen, or resting phase of the hair development cycle, resulting in hair loss.

The campaign has begun on the belief of Dr. Satish Titoria, Director of Dr. Titoria’s Clinics, that “you never disregard the hair problems that occur after COVID because hair is the most appealing feature that makes your individuality.”

Dr. Satish Titoria is a dermatologist who practices in Noida and is MCI certified. Skin illnesses, leprosy, sexually transmitted infections, aesthetic rejuvenation, and advanced reconstructive methods are among his specialties.

The clinic’s goal is to instill confidence in people and make them feel good about themselves. The patient’s comfort, safety, and care are of paramount significance here, and these are always our top priorities. Our one-of-a-kind skincare treatments are created to help people find their best beautiful skin.

Dr. Titoria’s team is constantly there for the patients mentally, assuring them that hair loss is not a permanent problem. They can regrow your hair using international standard treatments and drugs.

Aside from hair treatment, there are a few more options:
• Skin-care procedures
• Cosmetic Surgery

The clinic’s first priority is the patient’s well-being, especially regarding the treatment’s outcomes. However, the doctors and their staff recognize that even the tiniest alteration can significantly impact one’s mood. Therefore, we provide skin specialists’ guidance and help at every stage to meet and surpass our patients’ expectations.

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